When Lloyd & Ashley went to London in October 2014 , they noticed that there was a bank named ,LLOYDS BANK, it must have been a faith because they were so excited to see something with Lloyds name all over it. When they did their research, they  noticed that they had bee hives as murals in their banks, and it really peaked their attention. 

Lloyds Bank was founded in 1765 by John Taylor and Sampson Lloyd. and the founder was infatuated by the bee hive , and they said that it represented "industry and hard work".

 Lloyd & Ashley were so inspired by the story of Lloyds Bank, that they did their research and decided to invest in three hives. As they continued to get inspired and gain more knowldge from their circle of farmer friends, Lloyd and Ashley started to understand the importance of beekeeping and farming. They deided they wanted to become a farming business, so Ashley came up with the name Honey Bee Goode, they both thought it was a great ode to Chuck Berry's, Johnny B Goode.

Their goal was to bring pollination to farmers within the communities. As they continued their beekeeping business, through research and understanding ,the yearn to do more was always on their minds. Lloyd & Ashley knew that they had to spread the education of honey bees to not only just farmers, but schools, corporations, to evereyone. They realized that honey bees keeps us alive, and they have to make sure they have a natural ecosystem to survive. Lloyd & Ashley wants to continue to  BEE an impact to the surrouding communities.

"We take pride in our apiculture because, we are so passionate about honey bees and the amazing capabilities of honey bees. Honey bees inspire us to keep moving forward. We want to  continue to do our part by teaching , educating , and learning about honey bees. This is the start of our legacy to pass down to our children , and their children and their ​children."

Lloyd & Ashley Hardrick 

Meet The BEE-Team

Our Mission

 Bee an impact & Create agricultural sustainability through the education of honey bees.

Our Story 

Ashley Hardrick 

Spelman Alum '09

Owner & Apiculturist


Lloyd Hardrick

Military Army Veteran

Owner & Apiculturists

We always recommend planting a small pollinator friendly garden at your home, in your neighborhood,at your school, rooftop, highways. This will help our pollinators thrive. IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE OR HAVE QUESTIONS WITH CREATING A GARDEN FOR POLLINATORS PLEASE FILL OUT CONTACT FORM LOCATED ON CONTACT PAGE. 


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